Third Space Conference


The Third Space Conference Emerged from Two Premises:

1. That Jewish emerging adults (18 to 35) are searching for meaning and wisdom as they try to form an adult self; and
2. That the study of Torah, when done properly, can provide a powerful source for the meaning and wisdom these adults seek.

These assumptions grow out of the work of Hillel’s Senior Jewish Educator Initiative and the work of other organizations that are also working with Jewish young adults. We believe the time has come to more fully develop the conversation of Jewish education for emerging adults.

At this conference a diverse group of educators, academics, and Jewish professionals asked the following questions:

1. What does Jewish emerging adulthood look like in North America?
2. How can Jewish emerging adults be engaged in the study of Torah that speaks to them personally?
3. How does this approach resemble and differ from other more familiar forms of Jewish education?
4. Who is doing this kind of education in the field today? What does their practice look like and how can we learn from their experience?

Conference Highlights

• Keynote Speaker – Sharon Daloz Parks

Dr. Sharon Daloz Parks is a Senior Fellow at the Whidbey Institute. She has held faculty and senior research positions at Harvard Divinity School, Harvard Business School, the Kennedy School of Government, and Weston School of Theology. Sharon is the author of Big Questions, Worthy Dreams: Mentoring Young Adults in the Search for Meaning, Purpose and Faith (Jossey-Bass, 2000) and Leadership Can Be Taught (Harvard Business School Press, 2005), and co-author of Common Fire: Leading Lives of Commitment in a Complex World (Beacon Press, 1996).

• Opportunities to model and observe “Third Space” teaching
• Discussion with practitioners and thought leaders working in this area